Survey, Inspections, Recording and documenting of damages, Budget calculations and Documenting specifications.

Project execution

Supervising of site engineers and commissioners, setting up of purchase specifications and consultation with suppliers, supervising the progress, planning and quality level, consultation and tuning of all the work related issues with the project management, engineering, yard and all others parties involved.


Power quality analyses, generator single and parallel monitoring. Electrical analysis by logging measurements which can be monitored autonomous for weeks to trace and find problems like frequency (governor), harmonics and voltage (avr) in your system. Infra-red imaging for non-destructive research on switchboards.

Project management

Contact person for all E-work between owner, yard, contractor, sub-contractor, classification-company and insurance companies.
​Control and interpretations of contract agreements, tenders and less or additional  work claims.
Guarding of financial budgets, making of prognoses, progress reports and planning. Control of quality with QA/QC procedures and E-schematics conform contract specifications.


Testing all electrical systems on board (HAT), (SAT) and carry over to the classification society, owner and client. Troubleshooting and solving of failures malfunctions, revising of schematics (as-built), coldwire-,megger- and load tests,  visual and thermographic survey, diagnostic measurements, periodically site inspections and survey’s, etc.


  • Diesel engine power plants

  • Generators

  • Switchboards

  • CPP systems

  • Dp systems

  • Separators​

  • Boilers

  • Scrubbers with associated alarms and monitoring

  • Fire detection and alarms

  • General alarm systems

  • Navigation lighting systems​

  • Pumps, valves

  • Public address systems

  • Intercom systems

  • Distribution systems

  • etc.