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1 februari 2021


Last year, Holland Marine Electric received the order to upgrade the shore power facilities for eight ships from, among others, shipping company Cornelis Vrolijk, Jaczon and v.d. Zwan.

Our delivery consisted of, among other things, the compilation, installation and delivery of the required heavier shore connection cables 240mm2 with power connection boxes and connectors, ship cabling and new circuit breakers with synchronization equipment and locks. The installation is automated in such a way that the ships are automatically recognized when they are 'plugged in' ashore. As a result, the correct voltage and frequency are chosen and the amount of energy consumed will also be invoiced to the shipping company. By means of the "shore power app" from Involtum, the shore power can be switched on remotely. The consumption and the CO2 reduction can also be read in this app.

In Scheveningen it was decided to be able to synchronize via a semi-automatic parallel takeover. This makes it possible for a ship to switch to shore without a blackout (so that installations no longer have to be restarted) and vice versa. Shore power in this form and size is unique in the Netherlands and an example project for other ports in the Netherlands !

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